Outreach programs

As a Catholic community we firmly believe that we are loved and that we are called to love; love God and all God's creations. We create awareness and give orientation to members at all age groups to actively participate in our outreach programs. Driven by this conviction we go out to reach others to share our love and serve people in different ways we can.

Let Us Dream

Let us dream is a well-organized interventional program developed by Dr. Lijo Pathickal and successfully implemented in several countries including different parts of USA. Divine Mercy Church has been partnering with the DREAMS program as a local chapter. Community members are trained to lead and implement the program in selected groups. We have successfully implemented the program in Penitas. Our team has been working with a group of high school children for the last two years in building self-esteem and leadership skills in them. The program was extremely successful and we plan to expand to other areas.

For more information please visit the website of Dreams: https://letusdream.org

Faith-Formation and learning to share

As part of our faith-formation program, we help our children and our youth to learn to share and care. We ask our children to collect and bring used personal items and canned food. We al so ask them to save some money for charitable donation. We set a day to make a trip to Proyecto Desarrollo Humano in Penitas, where children get to meet people in need and spend time with them and donate what they collected. It was a great experience in faith formation. We plan to expand and continue the program.

Evangelization at Workplace

Healthcare – a way to care for

A large number of our community members work in healthcare field.and they are advised and encouraged to share the love of Christ at their work place. They can and they do make a huge difference at work place and they are very well appreciated for their loving and kind services.

Our nurses also volunteer at clinics in Proyecto Desarrollo Humano in Penitas where catholic nuns serve the undocumented immigrants in the colonia areas.


Several of our community members work as teachers in schools and universities in the Rio Grande Valley. As they teach they also give guidance and counseling to the young people they teach and help our next generation to grow up as responsible and dignified people.