Angel's Army

Angels' Army Ministry is fortified by a strong Prayer Tower consisting of people from all over the world. This team, through its ceaseless intercessions, invokes guidance of the Holy Spirit in constantly discerning and fulfilling our Heavenly Father's dream about the ministry. Sanctification of each child is the core intention of the team, for which, parents, grandparents, teachers, priests and nuns, join hand in hand.

Mission League

Cherupushpa Mission League is a lay organization for children who wish to undertake missionary work of Jesus Christ. At present, it is the biggest organization for laity in Asia and the organization has spread to Europe and United States now. The Heavenly patron for Mission League is St Theresa of Lisieux and the co patrons are St Francis Xavier and St. Alphonsa.

Mother's Forum

Divine Mercy Mother's Forum is a ministry of the Divine Mercy Syro-Malabar Catholic Church of Edinburg, established by the Diocese of Chicago. As a Catholic group, the forum brings women together to discover their God-given dignity and to understand their role in Christian families. Since its inception in June 2013, the group now has 78 registered members, entirely made up of women volunteers of all ages from the Parish community.


Divine Mercy Mother's Forum is a community devoted to enhancing and valuing personal, spiritual, and educational growth in women, while energizing them to exemplify the Christian ideal in home and family life. Mother Mary is our role model

Our goal is to utilize the strength and unique talents of our members to:

  • To help women to be a valuable contributor to our parish and community.
  • Uphold and defend Catholic faith and values in the modern world, and uphold our glorious tradition.
  • Convene health and wellness activities.
  • Contribute to the evangelization and spreading the message of Jesus in our sphere of work.
  • To render all possible help to families in need.

Divine Mercy Mother's Forum intends to create a venue for all women to actively participate in all spiritual and social activities of the church. We gather monthly to share ideas, thereby fostering friendships and providing an informal support group. Our Rosary Chain is an excellent way to keep families united and pray for our young adults and children.

With inspiration from our Vicar, and directives from the Diocese, we maintain a deep passion to involve and support the church activities like retreat, fund raiser, charity events, picnic, Feasts and Solemn days of Obligation, Christmas programs, etc. Participation ranges from organizing Sunday Mass celebration to cultural program event coordination and church decoration.

We thank God for giving us a forum to meet, to pray and to grow together in God's love.

St.Vincent De Paul

This is intended for pure charitable works. Inspired by Gospel values, St. Vincent de Paul Society, a Catholic lay organization, leads men to join together to grow spiritually by offering person-to-person service to those who are needy and suffering. We reach out to the needy here in U.S and in Kerala, India.

Prayer Fellowship

Prayer Fellowship, popularly known as “Kudumba kootayma” or ward prayer meetings are part of a long living Syro-Malabar tradition. Families living in nearby neighborhoods come together on a regular basis to pray together and build up the Christian fellowship. It is marked by regular meetings in one of the homes with prayers bible readings, spiritual discussions and other activities normally led by the Pastor, Rev. Sisters or lay leaders and conclude with home cooked fellowship meals.

Divine Mercy Parish can very well trace its origin and beginning to such prayer meetings and fellowships of the early valley immigrants starting by middle of 2005. It is these prayer and fellowship meetings that lead to the formation of Valley Indian Catholic Community which in time grew and eventually became Divine Mercy Parish.

Today we have very active and thriving 4 Prayer Fellowships (wards). These Prayer fellowships are : St. Mary’s, St. Alphonsa, St. Thomas and St. Peter. Each of the families in the parish joins one of these fellowships. These Prayer Fellowships are the pillars that support and the wheels that drive our community forward by sharing all tasks and vigorously contributing to the growth of the community.

Rosary Chain (families from different Prayer Units commit themselves to say the Holy Rosary for all children, young adults and youth)

Prayer Partners: Advent Season begins with the random selection of partner families who would pray for their partner families till they receive a new partner next year.

Liturgical Ministry

Altar Servers

This ministry provides members of the parish with a true opportunity to function as lay ministers by reverently assisting the celebrant and/or deacon during daily Mass and at special liturgies throughout the year.

Currently, there are 30 alter servers from various ages are participating in this ministry. If you wish to consider this ministry, please contact the Liturgy coordinator.


Lectors proclaim the Word of God clearly and understandably so that all who hear may respond.

If you wish to consider this ministry, please contact the Liturgy coordinator.


The Ministry of Music provides music during weekend Masses, holy days, weddings, funerals and Reconciliation services. Parishioners are invited to share their musical talents with the rest of the congregation through this ministry.

If you wish to consider this ministry, please contact the Choir coordinator .


These ministers are sometimes referred to as Greeters. Being a welcoming community is very important to us. Ushers are the first face of the parish. They greet those coming into our church, offer assistance to those in need, distribute parish bulletins, take up the collection, and distribute other materials as needed.

If you wish to consider this ministry, please contact the parish office.


Sacristans assist, facilitate, and provide support and coordination for other liturgical ministries. In addition, they make the necessary preparations for liturgical activities.

If you wish to consider this ministry, please contact the Liturgy coordinator.